April 15, 2022

Best Geography Games in 2024

Great card game board game for kids 8-12 years with educational value perfect for family game night

If you are reading this you are most definitely a geography enthusiast. Geography games are not only fun but also educational. They are one of the most popular games for kids as well. Nowadays, people usually spend up to 11 hours a day behind a screen. The best alternative to video games or watching tv is to have something fun to do that doesn’t involve a screen. So here are some geography board games you can use to spend some quality time with your family and learn things along the way.

THE WORLD GAME - A geography game that will make you smart

The World Geography Board Games

The world game is the most complete educational geography game out there, as it offers one of the best educational and fun-filled experiences any geography geek could ever wish for. There is a card for each of the 194 internationally recognized countries. It also contains a world map. Each card represents one country. Each card holds 4 country facts (area, population, neighboring countries, highest point).

How to play: Basic gameplay is that players wisely choose the strongest fact of the country they are holding and beat the opponent’s country. The World Game also holds 4 geography Challenges that players can call during the game:

  • Flag challenge - Players have to name a country a flag belongs to as fast as they can.
  • Capital city challenge - Players have to name the capital city of the country.
  • Location challenge - Player have to show the location of a country on the map.

For less experienced players and for kids there is also a continent challenge where players need to name the continent where the selected country is located. This geography game is just perfect for kids. They get the feeling of how big the world really is. They figure out that learning can also be fun, but the best part is that no matter what level of knowledge, everyone can play at the same time.

If you wish to enlighten your kids about the world while having fun, then you’ve come to the right place! Ensure you read through this article to explore and learn about the other geography games, such as the card games for two, geography board games among many other fascinating games.

BORDERLINE - A geography game about the US states

Boarderline geography game

BORDERLINE is a card game for two players or more which consists of 70 cards, this card game teaches the world geography in a fun and interesting way which is an ideal learning factor for kids. The main objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The first to rid himself/herself of all cards is declared a winner.

How to play: A player plays a card which is representing a country or other major geographic feature, the other players will try to match its borders with cards from their hand. A fun factor of this game is that you can try bluffing (by claiming that your card matches even when you know it doesn't!), but you might get challenged and have to take both cards back. This game is so much fun because each card contains a map which means no matter what level of knowledge you start with, as you play along, you'll learn and become more familiar with the US geography. This game can be played by kids from age 8 and above by 2-4 players.

BRAINBOX - A geography game with illustrations

Brainbox The World educational card game

Have you ever been in search of a series of geography games that could help your kid learn the exact location of countries, seas and oceans around the globe? You’ve found it. This world game can be used to test your kids’ knowledge of famous landmarks, geography, world cultures while having fun and boosting memory.

How to play: To play this fun and game, the first player selects a card and turns over the ten-second hourglass to study the image on the card for ten seconds. When time runs out the first player will roll the die and pass the card to the second player. The second player will then proceed to read the numbered question on the back of the card that corresponds to the rolled die number. Examples of questions that could be asked in this game are: Can you remember which oceans border the country? How about the colours of their nation’s flag? These questions are meant to test the player's ability to remember information from the card, such as countries, flags, state capitals, animals, works of art and more. If the player gets the answer right, they get to keep the card; if not, the card will go back into the game box. The player that has the most cards after ten minutes of play wins! This game is suitable for kids above 8 years and can be played by two or more players. Brainboxes consists of approximately 50-70 game cards, a sand timer, and a die. It’s like school, but way better.

WORLD GEO CARDS - 5 games in 1

Geocards geography card game

World Geo Cards are a fantastic and entertaining way for children to play and discover the world with ease. The World Geo Cards features only 50 country cards of the world which can be used to play 5 different ways to make geography fun! Each card features a country alongside its information such as its capital, the population size and the land area. However, only the largest countries of the world have been selected. These card games are jumbo-sized strong cards which are colourful and show on one side a country on its own, with population and total area figures, and on the other side, the card is represented with the country's capital, the neighbouring states and the continent of origin, all of which are named accordingly.

How to play: This card game comes with instructions for playing 5 different games and is aimed at helping the kids learn how to read geography maps and also to identify places around the world. This world card game can be played by 1-4 players and is suitable for children age 4 years and up.

FLAG FRENZY - World game based on flags

Flag frenzy geography card game

Flag Frenzy is an awesome geography game that offers the ultimate adrenaline-infused fun. This may be attributed to the sheer speed at which the game is being played. It offers the unique opportunity to learn the flags of major world nations and being the first to match one flag to another. Flag Frenzy is a game where players race to match flags from 57 countries around the world. This game is a fast-paced game where each of the 49 flag cards shows eight flags, and every set of two cards also have EXACTLY one flag in common.

How to play: Can you be the first person to find the matching flag, play your card, and then match the next one? The eight continent cards add to the fun as the players can match a flag to the appropriate continent (the world map is included to help out). The First player to get rid of all their cards wins. There are 58 total cards (including the rules), and the game can be played by 2-6 players from ages of 6 years and above.

WORLD WISE - Bluff away

World Wise geography educational game

Have you ever thought of the possibility of putting the world in your hands? Well, it is possible with this great family card game which has no restrictions based on what your age or educational level may be. No matter how little or how much you know about geography, you can be equally competitive. This game is suitable for parents and children and enables them to play and learn together. It is also very useful in a situation where you have to prepare for an upcoming vacation or sharpen your knowledge for a business trip or perhaps, just to relax and have fun.

How to play: There is a card for each country on the European continent and each body of water surrounding Europe, as well as wild cards and super wild cards. Each player is expected to play a card whose geographic location shares a boundary with the card that was last played. Bluffing and using wildcards also adds strategy and more fun to the play. This fun game can be played by 2 to 8 players, and from age 9 and above.

GEODICE - a geography game including dice

Geodice board game

Geodice is the best board game that calls all high rollers, and it’s the one that that you can count on to put fun on the map! This is a perfect family game that lets you learn the capitals and countries of the world with the roll of the dice. GeoDice is a fun-filled game that comes in a box with everything you need to enjoy the experience. It comes with the world game board, a sand timer, 2 continent dice, 5 letter dice, scorecard, rules and country/capital list. It is suitable for kids above the age of 6. Geodice is the perfect game which is sure to make geography fun in hopes of developing the natural curiosity in all kids and creating better global citizens.

How to play: Name a capital that starts with an E and is in the continent of America. Go! When playing GeoDice, geography is fun, social, speedy and downright enjoyable.

TRAVEL THE STATES - Sharpen your strategy skills

Have you been in search of a geography game that includes the various US states locations? Look no further. If you want to learn of various routes across all states in the United States. This game will help you to travel the States by plane, by car and by foot! Use the state and transportation cards to chart your course across the USA. The first player to create a connecting ten-day vacation wins the game! This game is perfect for home learning and also outdoor classes.

It is designed for 2 to 4 players from 8 years and above. You can easily modify the level of challenges to suit a beginner or an advanced player and a 10-day game can span across 20-30 minutes or make it even less with a 5-day version. This game is highly educational because you will learn about US geography and state capitals while developing problem-solving, strategy and sequencing skills. This game is also very engaging as there are endless game modifications to keep the players fully engaged. It consists of a colourful, laminated USA map (folds out, lays flat), a 50 state cards (state capital with 1 point of interest labelled on each), 16 transportation cards, 4 sets of cardholders (2 per set, one for days 1-5 of the game and another one for days 6-10), and game rules.

THE SCRAMBLED STATES OF AMERICA - A geography game about the US

The scrambled states of America

Whoever said that learning about U.S. geography had to be boring urgently needs to play the Scrambled States of America. This game will provide a fun way to enrich the player's basic knowledge of US geography. The players will learn the shapes, names, capitals, nicknames, and positions of the states through a myriad of visual teasers, geography challenges and language riddles. After playing this awesome game, you'll see that there's more to the 50 States than meets the eye.

How to play: Find a state that ends with the letter B, Now find one that borders Tennessee. Have fun learning about the United States in this fascinating game of observation and quick reflexes as you collect state cards by matching them to a Scramble challenge or you could “Go the Distance” and find a state’s closest neighbour. The player that wins the most cards wins. This game can be played by kids above 6 years of age.

THE GREAT STATES - Fast and competitive

Great states landmarks locations and capitals

If your family loves to play board games, why not combine it with something educational? The Great States is a board game that is ideal for incorporating a little learning into your fun time, it consists of all kinds of interesting facts about each state including their birds, flowers, locations and capitals. This board game is also ideal for educators who are looking to make geography a little more interesting because this is a wonderful classroom game which can be used to carry out a friendly competition between students. This will stir up their interest and get them engaged in learning. The map is created to be accurate to scale and it also comes in bright and enticing colors that will make your kids want to play and the states feature illustrations of their flowers, landmarks, and other details that make it beautiful and exciting. It is suitable for kids above 7 years of age.

How to play: a player is expected to flick the spinner and pick whatever card the pointer lands on. Then the player must follow the directions on the card before the timer runs out.

This is a fast-paced way to learn about US geography with your friends and family. Each package contains 1 Game Zone the Great States Geography Board Game which includes a game board, 100 fact cards, 100 figure cards, 100 find cards, 100 fun cards, a spinner, a mechanical timer and game rules.


All these games, like The World Game, Flag Frenzy and others, are more than great to play with the entire family. They will present you with some quality time with your kids and you will all learn something new, that’s a guarantee. Some of these games have multiple elements, some are board games and some are card games, therefore each and every game is suitable for a different occasion. We recommend getting one of these games before travelling, to take on your trip, to enhance your knowledge or the knowledge of your child or to just have fun.