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Are you ready for some rated R questions?

✔️ 150 questions for true friends

✔️ It gets interesting in a second

✔️ Learn what friends think of you

✔️ Hear some crazy stories

✔️ Spice up a party

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For crazy nights with your crazy friends!

For crazy nights with your crazy friends!

Let's not kid ourselves. This game is adult in every way possible. The questions are insanely personal beyond imagination and just plain horrible. Seems fun? Keep reading!

A great conversation starter for couples or bachelorette parties with strangers or friends. Cool and crazy.

Leave your manners at home

This is an R Rated game. There's nothing nice about it. You'll be exploring your friends' most disgusting stories and habits, but you'll love them even more with every new question.

Perfect to take on a trip. A board game to play while drinking and eating a burrito or even on a date.

Shocking beyond belief

You think you know your friends? Think again. You'll dive deep into the most private of areas of their personal lives, so you'll definitely learn some new stuff.

Adults only!

Adults only!

You'll want to play this game with your close friends that are not afraid to share their deepest secrets, truths and stories. Needles to say, your game night will be epic!

Who knows where this game night will lead, you might just wind up as a meme next morning.

Answer This - Black

Be prepared to have some fun nights, with people rolling on the ground laughing out loud.

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