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"Our favourite family game.
So educational as well."

- Sophia K., The World Game customer





Explore the world from your living room. A highly engaging geography board game for 2-5 players that's easy to learn. A fast-playing game full of excitement for kids and adults. Learn about world countries while spending quality time together.


Easy to learn

The World Game is made for everyone, from beginners to geography geeks. Suitable for kids 7 years +.

Highly educational

You'll improve your geography knowledge without knowing it. Flags, capitals, locations and much more.

Full of action

Game if full twists and turns. Use action cards to mess with your opponents or save yourself.

It's unbelievable how much we learn
while playing this game!

194 World Countries

The game includes 194 World Countries, with their names, capital cities, flags and basic facts.

World Map is included

You also receive a world map, with location numbers you have to match with numbers on the cards.

Flags, Capitals & Locations

Show the country on the map, recognize the flag or name the capital city.

Country Cards

There are 194 country cards, one for each country. Soon, you'll be able to recognize most of them.

Game Board

The game board is large and colourful, with illustrated landmarks and coloured continents. Be the first one to finish the race around the world. 

Action Cards

There are the 26 action cards that you pick up along the way. Mess with your opponents or save yourself to win the game. 

Fun game for the family! Love it!

Pearl Rossi

This has been such a fun game to play. My 9 year old chooses this game every time for family game night. I can’t believe how many countries he has learned all ready. This game is so fun that I would even play it with just adults. It’s simple and yet has some strategy to it. And you really start to learn a lot about different countries.  

Great, Easy Game for the family

Jennifer Alvarado

"We were looking for a geography style trivia game and found this. It's great and very easy to play even for our 7 year old. Our 9 year old has learned a few of the flags from smaller countries already too! "

Fun and

Tessa Hamilton

I absolutely love this product because it is fun game to play with friends, but also serves an educational purpose. The rules are simple to follow and the facts on each card are interesting to read. This game is great for all ages and is a must-have if you are a geography buff.

Great learning game for any age.

Barbara S. Ochsner

"This game is Awesome! Basic game is like the game 'war' played with real cards, but the information on the cards makes it a challenge and takes strategy to learn the countries in play and how they relate to each other.

Best break from electronics.


"Very educational and easy to do game. Interesting facts and good for the whole family. Pleased to have gotten my kids away from their phones and electronics and spend old fashioned family time and learning at the same time."

Educational &
good quality.

Danielle J. Schumann-C.

"This is honestly one of the best buys I’ve ever done. I wanted to learn the countries, their capitals and their location - and this is exactly what I get with this game. I’ve only been playing it a few weeks, but all the family love it and we’re learning so much."

How to Play

Finish the race first by comparing facts, guessing flags, capital cities and showing locations on the map. Use action cards to strategize and win.

Compete with facts

Choose a fact and beat your opponent by having a stronger fact. You will be surprised at how big or populated some countries are!

Guess the continent

Guess which continent the country lies on, but be careful, some countries lie on two continents. A perfect challenge for beginners.

Guess the flag

Name the country! Guess which country the flag belongs to. Don’t say it too fast, some flags are extremely similar.  

Find the location

Show the Country on the map! How many can you locate? If you don’t know the location, you can always guess.

Name the capital city

Name the Capital city of a country. The biggest city is not always the capital. An advanced challenge for experienced players.


"My High School Geography Students Love This Game!"

I bought this game as a fun Friday activity for my students. My class consists of students in 9th-12th grade, and they all truly enjoyed this game. There are several different approaches to the game. We started off easily with the students just locating the continent of each country. After they had played several times, they were finding the precise location of each country and coming up with new twists on the game.

Shannon Williams

high school geography teacher


This game was successfully funded in 2020 and listed under Projects we love by Kickstarter.

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