Answer This - Friends


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How well do you really know your friends?

✔️ 150 questions about your friends

✔️ See who knows who better

✔️ A great conversation starter

✔️ Get to know each other better

✔️ Laugh beyond imagination

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What a game to buy for your girlfriend as a relationship present for her as a conversation starter.

How well do they know you? 

There are 150 questions friends should know, which will show who knows who better and what your friends think of you.

A great conversation starter for couples or bachelorette parties with strangers or friends. Cool and crazy.

Simple rules

On your turn, you read a question from a card and write your answer on the board. All other players have to guess the answer you put down. Whoever gets 10 correct answers first wins the game.

Perfect to take on a trip. A board game to play while drinking and eating a burrito or even on a date.

Get to know your friends better

Throughout the game, you'll learn new things about your friends. What their favorite things are, some personal information as well as what they think about themselves.

Pure fun for everyone

Pure fun for everyone

Answer This is a light, fast paced game full of laughter. You'll have a great time bonding with your friends that will strengthen your friendships. It's also great for playing with your family.

Who knows where this game night will lead, you might just wind up as a meme next morning.

Answer This - Friends

The game of endless fun, laughter and shocking surprises.

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