The World Map


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A large world map with marked countries, capital cities, flags, and 50 mind-blowing geography facts.

✔️ Great educational value

✔️ Color-coded continents

✔️ Includes all 194 countries

✔️ Includes all of the world flags

✔️ 50 interesting geography facts

✔️ 38 x 26 inch or 96 x 66 cm

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A large wall map that as an art can be framed and hanged as a poster in your kids room

A map like no other

A big world map of that is easy to frame. Can be a beautiful addition to every kids room. Your kids will learn geography without even knowing. A great tool for learning capital cities, flags and geo location of the world countries.

A fun educational giant global geography map instead of an atlas or a political book or globe.

For geography enthusiasts

If you are like learning about the world, or are an avid traveler, you'll be intrigued by the information presented on this map. It's a great gift for anyone who is an explorer by heart.

Learn about cities, countries, nations, states, capitals, planet and oceans like in a classroom.

"Did you know?" facts

The map contains 50 very interesting facts about world landmarks as well as geo-events. All this information is dated and accompanied by an image for easier understanding and visualisation.

This interactive oversized map made of laminated paper shows international flags. Not a scratch map.

Looks great on any wall

This world map is a great addition to your kid's room or even your own living room. It's great for ideas for your next travel destination as well.

Like school wallpaper map that helps plan your next travel you can mark it on a board as it's flat

Never lose your sense of wonder!

The world is yours to explore.

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