the world game is a brand creating educational and fun games from geography games to super skills game appropriate for kids 8-12, teens and adults

more than games

family playing the world game card game a geography educational game perfect for homeschooling children, teens and parents

Our mission is simple

Create fun games for everyone that we'd love to play ourselves. We invented our games to satisfy our hunger for geography knowledge, competitive fun, getting to know our friends better and our love for clever word games.

the world game also makes word games like yigo a word game like that people who like scrabble and uno would love

Why we do what we do

At one point we just got tired of people not being social anymore, always hidding behind screens. We got tired of mindles games that don't add any extra value. We wanted to change this and that's why we make games with added educational, motor skill development or social value, so time spent together, is time well spent.