The 50 States Game


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Can you name all 50 states? Show them on the map? No worries, this game will make you a states mastermind.

✔️ Learn about the US while having fun

✔️ Great gameplay with a little bingo flavor in it

✔️ If you can read you can play this game

✔️ Become the smartest person in the room

✔️ Spend actual quality time together


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Immense educational value

Immense educational value

You want to learn about the US states? This game is for you.
Have fun with your family and friends while learning new things.

Simple gameplay

Simple gameplay

Kids and families love this game. Its gameplay is simple. You can compare facts like population or area or you can answer challenge questions to win the game, such as recognizing flags or naming the capital of the state.

Gain basic states knowledge

Gain basic states knowledge

The game covers basic facts about each state, so you also gain geographic knowledge about each state depending on the region, their size, population, their highest point and the average temperature.

For kids & adults

For kids & adults

You can adapt the game, so it can be equally challenging for all. And at the end you are all winners because you learn so much, like the location of every state for example.


Know your states!!
This has been a wonderful purchase for my family and I. We have been having so much fun learning the different states and their nicknames, flags and other fun facts. Definitely a fun game to play with the kiddos and to learn at the same time. I highly recommend this!

Great for homeschooling
Just excellent. I've been doing a bit of supplemental homeschooling with our little ones and this game has been a pleasant surprise.

I've been waiting for a fun way to learn and teach my kids the location and flag of each state for a long time. It just seems something you should know if you are a US citizen.

Award winning game

Award winning game

We're proud to say, The 50 States Game is also an award winning game. BEST FAMILY FUN award, voted by parents.

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