Super Skills

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An action-packed game for competitive people. 

✔️ Fun and challenging

✔️ 120 interesting challenges

✔️ Easy to learn and play

✔️ Cooperative and competitive game

✔️ Easily adaptable to all ages

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A great gift for 8-12 year old kids or for adults. Beat your friends in this group board game.

Fun, laughter and excitement

Test your skills in the ultimate skill challenge game of aim, balance, focus and speed.

A party card game for teens, both girls and boys for all ages indoor and outdoor tabletop game.

120 Competitive challenges

In the box you'll find cups, balls, sticks, a blindfold, challenge cards, dice, a rope and other things. All which you'll use to complete various challenges. The first one to complete 10 challenges wins the game.

A game as fun as popdarts engaging brain power and promoting team building.

For small and large groups

Super Skills allows you to play solo or in teams. You can actually play up to 10 people. It's a great family and friends game.

A skill game that is a perfect gift for teenagers and can be played on floor or on a table.

Diverse game for everyone

Challenges are made with different strengths in mind. So no matter if your big, strong, limber, small, fast or slow, we made the game so it's equally ballanced for all.


Perfect family game!!
Our family has a hard time finding games that everyone can enjoy. Everyone is competitive, so this game was perfect! Everyone loved it and we had a blast playing it. Looking forward to our next game night!

We have 3 teens, 12-18, all enjoyed it!

High quality game and a ton of fun
I took a shot in the dark purchasing this game and was extremely impressed with how innovative and entertaining it is. Great way to entertain your guests or to have fun with your family. You will immediately know who’s the most competitive in the group. You won’t regret buying this!

Never had so much fun playing a game!
This purchase was based on me enjoying playing flip cup and beer pong. Well, this game is on another level altogether. If you're not on the floor laughing or cheering loudly you're not playing it right :D

Christopher T.
Blaz Korosec
Sarah R. C.
Stack or balance cups and ping pong balls and compete against other players.

An action-packed game for competitive people.

Super Skills is one of the more active games in our repertoire. It's definitely a game that gets you up on your feet and keeps you engaged throughout.

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